This only makes a difference for the publishers. From an adversiser point of view all the accounts are the same.

Basic Silver Gold Info
Recomended for Micro sites Small Sites Medium Sites
Commission 25% 20% 15% We also pay 5% commission to referrer of a publisher and 5% commission to the referrer of an advertiser

Free Space 25% 20% 15% We use this percentage of your free space to run adds for pubmarkt – advertise here, use pubmarkt for your website, etc. the publisher don’t get the referral for users who signup this way. But the publisher can run the same adds on their own part of the free space and get the referral. Or link to the signup pages from their website.
Own Banners 0 1000 10000 you can use our systems to run your own banners. Up to this number they count as paid adds, after that we count them as free space, and use a percentage of the space to run our adds.
Price € 0 € 10 € 20 This is the amount you pay per month to be in the selected level. It will be deducted from your account in the first day of the month.