PubMarkt.com want to be the advertisement platform for all  the small websites.

Our goal and the goal of all websites is to make money, but a lot of websites are too small to really make any significant amount of money. But those websites can help each other grow. And they can give some of they free space to those non-profit organizations that may find in this small websites visitors the people they need to help them help others.

And, at the same time, we still want to make money, and together maybe we can attract some advertisers willing to have their banners in a bunch of small websites.

From the beginning we will allow advertisers to create campaigns paid per click and paid per view. And we will allow you also to create banner exchange campaigns that will not compete with paid advertiser, but will be used when there are no paid banners to show in your website. With banner exchange campaigns, a unique click from your website is a credit you can use to run your own banner exchange campaign, and get an unique click back.

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